Engage was founded with the aim of providing a platform for people to share their stories and experiences to a live and online audience so as to Inform. Inspire and Influence. (https://www.youtube.com/engagetalk)

Engage has developed and refined a speaker preparation process that we use to curate speakers’ stories and experiences and capture them for the benefit of varied audiences locally and internationally. Numerous speakers gave us feedback that they found the formal preparation process that includes communication coaching and peer reviews useful as they prepared and during delivery of their messages.

Audience members and people who knew different people who’d spoken at Engage sent inquiries on how they can access the training and coaching without necessarily having to speak at Engage Platforms. This prompted the initiation of the “Engage Masterclass.”

The Engage open masterclass is a series of six 2.5-hour sessions held on Mondays and Thursdays for 3 consecutive weeks. Each class has a maximum of 10 participants per cohort to ensure personal attention, useful interaction between the participants and with the facilitators. To date, we have had over 100 individuals successfully complete the open class.


Do you want to build your confidence when speaking in public or be a memorable speaker and presenter? From message structuring, body language, voice modulation to use of visual aids and resources, the Engage Masterclass will provide you with the skills you need to persuasively speak with confidence, power and presence. During each session, participants will deliver/make a presentation and thereafter receive constructive, personalized feedback from their peers and the Engage coaches. The feedback focuses on not only highlighting one’s strengths and weaknesses but also providing practical lessons on how to communicate with greater impact based on one’s personality, message and audience.


This class is designed for anyone who wishes to become a better public speaker. Professionals who regularly speak in public or make presentations will find this course very valuable for their careers.

Sales and Marketing Practitioners will benefit from lessons on establishing credibility, connecting with and message crafting to suit the targeted audience.


    1. How to structure a persuasive presentation
    2. How to be confident in planned and impromptu situations
    3. How to establish credibility with your audience
    4. Key factors in personal presentation and body language
    5. Using visual aids effectively
    6. Making a logical and emotional connection with your audience


We are enrolling participants for the next Masterclass that starts on 8th April 2021. This highly interactive class will be conducted online via Zoom.

To register please fill the form below or send an email to masterclass@engage.or.ke. Remember to include your name and phone number. Note;

  • A deposit of Kshs 10,000 is required to secure a seat in the class. Payment can be made via Mpesa Paybill or direct bank transfer
  • Complete payment of Kshs 40,000+ VAT is due before the start of the course. Payment Plans can be arranged individually. 
  • Seats in each 10-person cohort will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Engage also runs inhouse corporate masterclasses and provides customised “Storytelling for Business” programs for organisations. Write to us on info@engage.or.ke to discuss the best fit for your organisation.